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Why voting yes on the district overrides is essential

Continuing the excellence of our schools in SUSD is a top priority, and voting yes on the district overrides is essential for their continued success. These overrides will provide the necessary funding to maintain high-quality education and support our teachers in their efforts to create a better future for our children. Thanks to the expanded tax base, approval in November is not expected to raise tax rates for taxpayers.

What are district overrides?

District overrides are funding measures that allow local school districts to exceed the state's budget limits and provide additional funding for their schools. These additional funds are used to support important educational programs, such as hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers, reducing class sizes, and improving technology in the classroom. Without these additional funds, our schools will face significant budget cuts and our children's education will suffer.

Why we need your support

By voting yes on the district overrides, you are showing your support for high-quality education and investing in the future of our children. Your vote will help ensure that our schools continue to provide the best possible education for our students, and that our community remains a great place to live and work. Join us in voting yes on the district overrides in November.

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